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Happy Holidays from Hawaii

So, this is wild but I somehow manifested a winter in Hawaii. Right before I embarked on my cross country road trip from Oregon to New England my friend called me and told me he bought a house in Hawaii! And he asked me if I wanted to house sit until he's able to move. I didn't want to get TOO excited since he hadn't closed on the house yet so i put the idea in my pocket. I had been dreaming about spending the winter somewhere warm, ideally tropical, where I can swim, and find some peace after one of the toughest years of my life.

From mid September to the end of November I surrendered, thinking maybe I'll spend winter in Austin. And then I got the call. It was official. My ticket was booked for the middle of December.

And here it is, almost the end of December, the end of 2022, and I’m living in Hawaii. My sister and family synchronistically had planned to be in Hawaii at the end of December, on the same island. Christmas looked different this year, swimming in the ocean, eating papaya and poke, playing games with my family amongst palm trees with sand in between my toes and sun kissed skin.

Maybe this year was supposed to crumble like it did, and maybe if it hasn't I wouldn't be counting my blessings with bare feet on this sacred land. I’m in deep awe of the mysteries of this life we’re so lucky we get to live.

I'm wishing you all happy holidays and a very restful last few days of 2022.



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